Calendar 2017/18


At the Women Like Me Business Club we like to give our members enough notice so that they can plan and prepare, we are pleased to announce our dates for the next 12 months

Business Workshops, Networking and Mini Expo 2017/18 at Hilton, Canary Wharf

-Pitch For Big Business (AM)  and WLM First Anniversary  Party (PM) – Saturday 15 July 2017 BOOK TODAY

-Market your business and increase revenue- Saturday 9 September 2017

-Social media to grow your business – Saturday 18 November 2017

-How to increase your sales in 2018 – Saturday 9 December 2017

-How to sell your products to the right audience – Saturday 17 February 2018

-Personal PR to grow your business – Saturday 17 March 2018

-Branding and making your business stand out – Saturday 19 May 2018

-Pitching for big business –Saturday 14 July 2018

-Business workshops normally run in the morning followed by mini expo, presentations and networking events in the afternoon (see below)


Special Events at Hilton Canary Wharf

-1st  Year Anniversary* – Saturday 15 July 2017

-Christmas Party* – Saturday 9 December 2017

-International Women’s Month* – Saturday 17 March 2018

-Limo Day Out and Afternoon Tea at Brown’s- Sunday 19 May 2018 (Canary Wharf)

Ascot Ladies Day– Thursday 21 June 2018 (Ascot,Surrey)

-2nd Year Anniversary* – Saturday 14 July 2018

*Special events normally run in the afternoon

If you are not a member and would like to attend any of the above events or exhibit you can obtain a DAY PASS/ENTRY TICKET to attend please email