4 Female Entrepreneur Pages You Must Follow to Elevate Your Business Operation

We’ve all been there- you are absolutely killing it in your business, hitting all your goals, on top of the world…but all of the sudden you lose your motivation and you can’t find anyone to bring you right back into it. If you are a female entrepreneur your chance of finding that inspiration is sadly lower, given that in the UK they only make up 32.7% of all entrepreneurs. This is where we come in! Whether you’re looking for trendy lifestyle geared profiles, or tips to help you get your mojo back, read on to meet the four ladies you got to follow now:







Marie can be most simply described as legendary. She has been named the ‘thought leader of a generation’ by Ophrah Winfrey, and if that mighty endorsement wasn’t enough, she is also a two time NY Post Best Seller, a podcast host and a life coach/motivational speaker.  Marie started her career serving drinks, cleaning toilets, and waiting tables” and turned herself into a millionaire. A true rags-to-riches story! You might have imagined she has many valuable things to share on her sleek Instagram team, and you absolutely right! If you are looking for tips and motivation, Marie’s page is your go-to.



Here’s another inspirational story: Grace started as an influencer on Instagram and has become a household name by the age of 24! The founder and CEO of the athleisure brand- TALA, who is leading the way in sustainable activewear;  and Shredy, another fitness geared brand- is doing it all. So far she has written a must-read book called “Working Hard, Hardly Working” which is a necessary tool in any entrepreneur’s bag. Grace is the face of the influencer-entrepreneur. Her page is a healthy mix of tips to help you reach your goals, fitness and lifestyle content and a daily diary. Check her out!  


Keeping with the theme of influencers who have become entrepreneurs, here’s one of the biggest names in the UK’s beauty influencer market- Patricia Bright. A Black-British woman of Nigerian roots, she makes the smaller portion of the already small portion of female entrepreneurs. Patricia’s talent, authenticity and honesty is her brand and what has kept her relevant, even in the constantly fluctuating environment that is YouTube. Besides having worked with big brands through her influencer business, Patricia diversified and used her need to help others achieve what she has achieved, to create her own platform and business- The Break. She is the go-to page for all things fashion and lifestyle as well, so if that’s what you need, you have to follow her page!

Another black woman who is doing it, Sharmadean Reid started making zines to create a space for women to discuss their issues and connect; she is now the founder of WAH Nails, a business that started as a small nail salon, that relied on taking viral pictures of unique hand made designs, and has turned into a brand that has collaborated with retail giants ASOS and Boots, and has a high profile clientele including Margot Robbie and Serena Williams! She also created The Beauty Stack, which is a platform dedicated to making bookings for beauty and treatments easier. Her page is a testament to her creativity and hard work, being a healthy mixture of stylish posts, tips and tricks for the business world and overall business-related content. What else would you need?


So there it is! The four pages that’ll bring you straight out of your block and boost up your hard work motivation! So, check them out! Do you like this article? Do you find it helpful? If you answered yes to these questions, you won’t want to miss out on any of our new articles, so follow our social media pages!

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