5 books by black writers you need to read this Black History Month to improve yourself and your business

There are no drawbacks at all to making yourself more knowledgeable, and why not combine that with celebrating black entrepreneurs, businessmen/women and writers? We have previously made clear the benefits of diversifying your network, but did you know that diversifying where you get your information also has plenty of benefits? That’s right! The different ways we experience life and move through business based on who we are, can bring all sorts of different perspectives that can only work as an asset. So, without further ado, and in the spirit of Black History Month, here are our 5 books by black writers that you must read this October:


Rise and Grind: Outperform, Outwork, and Outhustle your way to a more successful and rewarding life  (2018) by Daymond John 

The American Shark gives you lessons to carry with you for a lifetime. The young man who started by sowing his own hats and went on to create a million-dollar company writes about perseverance, hard work and work ethic to teach you how to do the same! This book is enlightening, inspirational and a sure-fire way to teach you how to do business, how to do it better and how to do it with style. 

Becoming (2018) by Michelle Obama

The first African-American lady of the White House, and still one of the most well-liked and remembered women to ever stand equally beside her husband, Michelle Obama’s Becoming is inspirational. Its journey takes the reader from the time she was a girl living in Southside Chicago; to the time she graduated from University and met Barack Obama; to their ferocious campaign and power couple manoeuvres; and further still, to the time she became an icon in her own right. This book will motivate you to be more and do more. Michelle writes in a style that excites and delights and its lessons can only help propel you further in your ventures. 


What I know for sure (2015) by Oprah Winfrey 

The woman who has been synonymous with the term “black excellence” for over 30 years now, gives us a truly magical trip in this book. What I Know For Sure is uniquely Oprah in that it uniquely makes you stop, think and then act. It gives you life lessons of the kind that only someone who has gone through so much hardship in life could, and it’s just the pick me up you need when everything seems to be going left and the weight falls on your shoulders 


Succeeding against the odds (1989) by John H Johnson

If there is a glass ceiling for black people in business, Johnson is giving you a sledgehammer to smash it! In this oldie but goodie, we learn that the American Dream is not only still alive, but that black people can have it too. Raised during the Great Depression and still managing to go ahead and become one of the most successful Black businessmen in American History (through tapping into the market for black entertainment nevertheless), Johnson’s autobiography is a lesson in life and business as unique, honest and brash as the real-life man. 

Years of yes: How to dance it out, stand in the sun and be your own person (2015) by Shonda Grimes 

Out of the mind of one of the undoubted queens of TV, Shonda Grimes gives us a truly inspirational story of self-love and overcoming anxieties. The writer committed to saying yes for a year, and what a year it was! You will relate and learn as you go through the pages. This book isn’t just a journey into the self and self-improvement; it’s a journey into understanding what stops you from being and doing, and about quickly unlearning it; that’s a skill any entrepreneur needs.

So, there you have it, our complete list of books that are sure to make you get out there and just make it happen! If you enjoyed this content and want to see more like it, why not follow us on social media? Keep up-to-date with all our new blog posts!



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