BAME Women Project

The Strive and Thrive Campaign

When ALL women have equal access to education, enterprise and employment, it helps to foster diversity across the globe.

At WLM, we help build stronger economies, achieve development and sustainability goals, and improve the quality of life for  BAME women classed us hard to reach.

We help  BAME women to empower themselves; we run a series of programmes and projects to inspire them; the Strive and Thrive campaign encourages, inspires, educates and motivates BAME women to bring out the best in themselves.

Every year we assist over 150 women from the BAME community in accessing more opportunities to better their careers,  businesses, and employment by offering them free seminars and memberships that empower them to strive and thrive more in their everyday lives.

Our campaign gives  BAME women the chance to improve their social and economic status and well-being and help break cycles that perpetuate racial discrimination and gender inequalities.

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At WOMEN LIKE ME, we build and strengthen women, educating and empowering them in a wide variety of areas, including business and diversity.

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