Breast Cancer Awareness and Black History Month Celebration: Quiz Afternoon

It might’ve seemed like a regular workday but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone donned pink (or the closest to pink they could find in their wardrobe) and got into the work of celebrating the two great events of the month in style. We decided that the best way to not only collectively acknowledge these important dates and the causes that they represent; but raise awareness within ourselves and learn crucial facts, was by throwing a fun quiz afternoon.

We organised a very comprehensive and entertaining quiz and coordinated the event; everyone here at WLM participated and took their best guess. Overall, everyone did great and maintained good sportsmanship even when Amazon gift cards were at stake! While playing we learned some tragic facts about cancer and breast cancer in particular; celebrated figures who represent the struggle for black equality; and remembered not-so-cheerful events that lead to the need for change. For example, did you know that:

– Every 2 minutes someone gets diagnosed with cancer in the UK

– There are over 100 types of cancers

– Women should get regular mammographies by the age of 50

– Oprah Winfrey is the richest black woman in the world

– Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in 1968

– The Black Lives Matter movement was established in 2013 following the murder of Trayvon Martin and was reignited in 2020 following the death of George Floyd

Β If you did know that you are not alone! Our very own blog team won the coveted prize by being in the know about most of these facts! Well done to us! In the end, we had fun, we learned and we supported two events that mean a lot to us. Many of us have been affected by cancer or know of someone who has been and are happy to bring awareness to its effects on people and communities, as well as support the scientific efforts to help bring an end to it. Equally, our ethos here at Women Like Me is one that centres and strives for equality and as such remembering the plights and the accomplishments of black people in history and society is a beautiful opportunity that should not be reduced to one month out of the year.

We had the best time while doing something good. Don’t believe us? Check out our pictures. Want to stay in the know about other events and blog posts? Head over to our socials!


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