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WLM Founder Mavis Amankwah’s a Diversity & Inclusion strategist, advocate and public speaker who has rapidly become known for her ability to help corporations reach diverse audiences with her holistic and straight-talking approach.

Mavis’ experience within the diversity and inclusion arena spans more than two decades. She has successfully bridged the gap and connected large corporations and organisations with a high number of BAME, diverse and communities classed as hard to reach across the UK via her various diversity workshops, seminars, and communication campaigns.

Aside from my diversity training, Mavis has assisted communicators, agencies, HR professionals, and marketers effectively reach and engage with BAME audiences via her companies’ marketing and PR services which have ignited some real thought-provoking ‘inclusiveness’ campaigns that have given results.

Having graced over 300 publications, such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, PR week, PR careers, Migrant Woman Talks, and Forbes to name but a few, Mavis has truly made her mark in the world of Diversity and Inclusion.

Mavis’ vision is to see more BAME and diverse audiences in senior management positions, on executive boards, on high-end advertising campaigns, and places where minority communities are unseen due to lack of diversity and racism.

Mavis’ collaborative approach has secured contracts with

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We are Diversity & Inclusion specialists, with a primary focus on driving employee and consumer engagement from creating diverse communications to appeal and attract these audiences and educate those who want to get to know these audiences more.

We recognise that one of the biggest challenges for most organisations is reaching out to diverse audiences, both internally (employees) and externally (clients).

Diversity and Inclusion is one of the few ‘non-competitive’ areas for growth. We feel a collaborative approach to some of the challenges we face when addressing diversity is one of the ways forward to address this and work with specialists who understand specific audiences.

Since Black History Month, Eid and Diwali is fast approaching, we want to know if you had any plans to raise awareness and celebrate these important cultural events? The Women Like Me, and Rich Visions team can guide you, give you some great insight, and help you organise an event for your organisation internally or externally.

Our Founder and CEO will be hosting a virtual breakfast seminar every Thursday morning throughout October and November to give tips, advice and guidance to help you address any of your diversity and inclusion needs at large.

This event is for D&I specialists, Marketers, Communicators, Ambassadors and Organisation leaders who want to truly understand the benefits and challenges of incorporating and fully implementing a diverse communications strategy across their organisation.

We do have limited spaces, so do book your place early. We hope to see you there.

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At WOMEN LIKE ME, we build and strengthen women, educating and empowering them in a wide variety of areas, including business and diversity.

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