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Employer Branding Awareness Week

June 10th – June 15th

This week is Employer Branding Awareness Week, which honours firms that go above and beyond to make their workplaces an enjoyable place to work. Every company should consider their employer brand and think about how their employees view their workplace. Each workplace has something unique but what is it about your place of work which makes it a bit more exciting to go into the office? Employers are recognising the value of emphasising their business culture and benefits to attract the finest candidates.

When applying for jobs, 94% of candidates evaluate an employer’s brand, and 45% of passive job seekers would apply for a position if it was to work for an excellent brand. The days of publishing a job ad and hoping for a swarm of applicants are slowly in decline, as companies are becoming more creative with how they advertise themselves. What are you doing in your workplace to make it a great place to work for both present and prospective employees? There are many things your company can do to stand out from competitors as a place where your employees feel valued. Employer Branding Awareness Week recognises businesses that do just that. This a great time to get involved. If you’ve considered changing some things in your workplace, it’s never too late to make a change now for the future of your company and employees.
Employer Branding is crucial to the performance and reputation of any company. Reports have shown that 71% of mid-sized companies with a strong employer brand reported increased company performance when compared to 45% of firms with weak employer brands. Your brand’s reputation could be harmed if you fail to recognise the value of employer branding in recruiting and maintaining talent. Studies also show that 69% of job seekers would prefer to stay unemployed than accept an offer from a company with a negative employer brand. It’s essential to step up your employer brand if it isn’t as strong as it could be. If you don’t invest in your company’s reputation, you’ll have a hard time preventing employees from leaving, resulting in a negative impression of your company developing over time. Employer Branding can be beneficial to any company in various ways such as talent retention, trust-building and having a better hiring process.
If employees obtain an offer from a well-known company, 83% of employees are likely to leave their current workplace. Employer branding helps retain good talent by forming a valued link with employees before, during, and after the hiring process. The majority of job seekers consider the employer brand before they apply for the job; you may lose the right candidate to a competitor just by having a poor online presence. You can ensure that you have an outstanding online reputation and a website with an optimised careers site by investing in employer branding. This way, you can build a strong brand reputation with potential employees from the very beginning.
Here at Women Like Me, we strongly believe in Employer Branding and how fundamental it is for any company and its employees. We make sure our brand is strong and inviting to future employees as well as ensuring our current employees feel appreciated. It is paramount that in our company we go the extra mile to create a brand presence that is memorable but also true to what we stand for and believe in. Our employees are not just our workers we value every one of them and work hard to go beyond their expectations. Over the years we have been able to attract, hire and retain outstanding talent all because of our company’s reputation and how we have branded ourselves over the years. If you are struggling with where to start on improving your employer branding, please do get in touch, and we’ll be happy to provide you with our services and expertise.

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