• Clear, focused (not blurry), high-resolution images
  • All images should be in colour
  • Taken on a plain white backdrop can you show an example i.e.
  • Please provide what the dimensions should be
  • Images should be formatted in PNG OR JPEG


  • Recommended dimensions:
    • 1920px x 1080px
    • 1280px x 720px
    • 1080px x 1080px
  • Images should be formatted in JPEG or PDF
  • Article to contain 200 to 300 words at the most
  • Grammar should be checked using spell-check software
  • The article should not contain any illegal or controversial content towards any companies or individual
  • Make sure you are the original author of each article submitted unless original is referenced
  • Don’t include affiliated links and hyperlinks
  • Article shouldn’t be formatted as an e.g. letter correspondence or email or blog
  • The article shouldn’t contain rehashed content
  • Please use the English (UK) language
  • Your podcast should be no more than 30 minutes long
  • Your podcast should be edited
  • The podcast should be formatted in mp3
  • Audio should be clear and consistent throughout
  • Avoid using slang and jargon

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