How to Start Making Money on Instagram

It is no secret that Instagram is a popular social media network. It boasts a total of 1 Billion active monthly users and 500 million daily active users! In light of these truly impressive numbers, it should be no surprise that there’s a way to make money from it. Not only are businesses using their pages to build a solid branding and marketing strategy; but increasingly, everyday people are also starting to bring in the bucks from their Instagram account.


But what makes Instagram’s profitability so high? and, more importantly, how can you start using it make money? We have got you covered! Just keep reading.







Why is Instagram so profitable?

In the most simple of terms, Instagram is built to make connecting with people, finding potential opportunities and making money easy. From hashtags that land you on the explore page; to businesses that can find you easily and reach out for collaborations; to the ability to share and easily build trust within your community- all of these characteristics can easily lead to making a profit.

It’s easy to confirm that by looking at the number of influencers who have turned the personal accounts into their source of income simply by collaborating with brands and posting sponsored content; or even by the fact that in Britain alone, about a third of the population shop through social media to support small businesses. 92% of that shopping is done through Instagram, so there are no bounds to the amount of success you could be reaching!

So now that we know what it is and have over-viewed why you should absolutely be on it, you might be wondering how to actually go about making money on the platform. Before you start sweating it, we have methods  that will help you do just that:

3 methods of making money through Instagram

Sponsored Posts

This is probably the most popular way of making a few quid on Instagram and for good reason. Instagram pages allow great community building and when that is present, followers and those who come across you alike will take your suggestion to check the brand out because they trust your judgement. This makes you incredibly desirable to brands and their marketing strategies. 

You might be wondering if you don’t need a huge amount of followers to start getting asked to do sponsored ads. The answer is no! All you need is an open account, an engaged community and an appealing Instagram presence. 

Make a profile that matches you and that appeals to potential businesses. The market is already oversaturated so you get extra points for originality and for maintaining honesty and a sense of genuineness at the heart of your page. Remember, your followers don’t like feeling like you are only trying to sell something. Pay attention to the tone the type of content you post and the type of branding. These will vary depending on the audience and image you have, but make sure that they are in sync with what you are trying to get across, and a brand is sure to feel like you are just the type the person they would like to work with.

Sell products

This is another seemingly obvious point but Instagram is also a great platform to sell your own products. Whether you have a small business in which you sell products and or services you have made yourself, or you decide to dropship products you have bought in bulk from a wholesaler- Instagram Shop is your friend. Simply advertise and post what you’re selling. Wonder how to set yourself apart from the competition and get noticed? Set your brand personality and make sure you look and feel different and use hashtags. This will land you on the Explore page and help you find potentials who have an interest in small businesses or the specific product/service area you operate in. Your chances of doing just that are significantly higher when your posts include at least a few relevant hashtags. Due to how effective it is, people tend to include hashtags that are not related in any way to what they are selling and to include trending hashtags just so they appear higher up in more people’s Explore page. This is a tempting prospect but it can backfire. It can be viewed as intrusive and spammy which will obviously harm your image and reputation. It also has the potential of getting in the way of you finding people who would actually want to make a purchase. So the best way to use them is to keep them simple, relevant and straight to the point. 

 Become a Client Management Account

Not all of us necessarily like being in the spotlight and that’s fine because the good news is that you don’t have to be in the centre to start making money. You can get paid to put someone else’s brand or product out there. There’s a market for this, small businesses especially. A small survey conducted by Search Engine Journal in 2020 found that over 50% of entrepreneurs said they didn’t have a marketing plan, and that’s why you are there to help them. All you need is a nice looking page; some good networking and outreach skills so you can find potential clients; and good knowledge of how Instagram and social media marketing works, and you are on your way to starting your career.


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