PR & Influencer Marketing

Our PR & Influencer Marketing service will help ensure your campaign, message, or offer reaches your target audience through online media engagement, guest blogging and reaching relevant influencers. Ways in which you may achieve this is by:

  • Inviting guest bloggers to your website
  • Updating your website news/blog page
  • Linking with influencers
  • Working on building your business or services on Google ranks
  • Creating and updating your digital, social media profiles and bios accordingly
  • Promoting your business on our site and some of our partners’ site
  • Seeking online speaking and guest blogger opportunities through webinars and Zoom profiles.
  • Assisting with content creation
  • Assisting with product descriptions
  • Updating your YouTube channel profile
  • Planning photo and video days
  • Promoting your business in line with national campaign awareness
  • Building profiles for future for Wikipedia page

The cost of the above is £125-250. We will define our services at the start of the campaign.

For a free consultation, please fill in the form below.

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