Social Media SWOT Analysis

What is a Social Media SWOT Analysis?

A Social Media SWOT Analysis is not only an essential health check on your social media and online platforms, but it is a crucial part of staying relevant and up to date. With this service, we provide an insight into your marketing strengths and weaknesses and look into the opportunities and threats that could arise.
Having a specialist look more in-depth into your online presence gives you insight into making your business successful online. We offer three separate packages to suit your budget!

Bronze Package – Mini Analysis £29 
  • Light research into your businesses and our top 3 pointers on each topic.
Silver Package – £59 
  • Outline research and review
  • Research into your company with an explanation of the reasoning of our answers.
Gold Package – £99 
  • In-depth swot analysis presentation 
  • Justifications and a summary into your swot.

Please complete the form using the button below, and one of our business experts will be in touch shortly to arrange an appointment to analyse your social media platforms, or you can call us on 07949 847841 if you wish to speak to someone urgently.

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