The Golden Rule to Sucess: How to Build a Circle that Helps You Thrive

Your environment is very important. Who and what you surround yourself with has a massive impact on you and, naturally, on your business pursuits. So, as an entrepreneur or an aspiring one, the golden rule is to build a circle that helps you thrive and doesn’t hinder you. But how do you go about creating one? How can you surround yourself with people who support you and from who you can learn and vice-versa? Read on to learn it!

Well, the first part starts with you. You need to be positive and determined to attract the right people! It is true that birds of a feather flock together, so you attract the energy that you give out. You need to be positive and determined yourself if these are the type of people you want in your circle (and they should be) simply because people who already have that mindset tend to almost intuitively understand the importance of your goals and of supporting you through them. They are likely to understand your priorities and celebrate your victories and that’s important to propel you forward in your business ventures. 

This previous point brings us to another point you want to keep in mind: cut off those that are not conducive to your goals and/or aren’t supportive. Being around people who make you doubt your capabilities and who don’t encourage your ambitions is not only a hindrance to you and your entrepreneurial dreams but it’s also unhealthy. Negativity, similarly to positivity, rubs off and being around it will likely make you less productive and could even make you less confident in your abilities. This is something to avoid, so make sure you cross it off your list. 

Your next question might be where do you find the right people, and the answer should be frequent appropriate spaces.  In the digital age, you don’t even need to leave your home or office to find the right people, you can join networking groups online or even follow entrepreneurship/small business hashtags on Instagram and TikTok and find people who are just like you. Additionally, you can go to real-life networking events and find not only friends that will help you thrive but also mentors that will provide you with advice! There’s no losing!

So, those are the steps you need to take to create a circle that helps you thrive. If you follow them there will be one less obstacle on your way to entrepreneurial bliss. On that topic, do you know what else could help your small business out? Applying for the Kickstart Scheme! And you better hurry because the deadline is coming soon (17th of December!), so apply now.




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