The importance of Social Media

Social media has been taking over & it is not only used to get recognition for influencers and journalists but to connect with your target audience. This allows you to create awareness and nurture people into becoming customers; which later on brings in sales, leads and revenue.

Social media is very advanced and is great if used effectively.  It allows you to know your algorithm, demographics and enhance your business while targeting your audience without you having to leave your home. You’re able to provide better customer service, curate customer content and stories in a snap, build backlinks and a better search engine presence.

You are also able to grow your reputation on your social platforms especially with the latest and evolving trends that introduce new audiences to your brand like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and the list goes on. Being up to date with what is new and having that one to one interaction with your consumers is great for building a relationship & repour. It also provides a great opportunity to establish customer service by gathering input, answering questions and listening to their feedback, it’s as simple as a post.


Top tips for when considering using Social Media:

Be consistent with your posting

In the social media world, more posts equal more likes and more shares as well as interactions.  If you start posting great content and all of a sudden you stop and your feed goes blank; your audience will notice. Not only will they notice, but this inconsistency can result in long-term detriments to your total likes and shares. Not to mention, most social algorithms, most notably Facebook, look unfavourably on a lack of consistency.


Be strategic with your content

It’s one thing to post for the sake of posting, it’s another to have a strategy that justifies your content. When posting each post has to have a meaning and a message you’re trying to get across or it could be something you’re promoting. You should always have in mind why you’re posting. Each post has itspurpose and you have to ensure each post convey each message. Is it to generate sales? Is it to gain exposure? Or to connect with your audience? Each of these motives will require different strategies to be successful. Starting with having a tactic can be in the form of posts, photos, commenting on other accounts, hashtags etc. Time, put in time and effort into everything you do as it’s appreciated and when something is different  the audience notices. Once your strategy is clear, you will start to reap the benefits.






Be an active listener  

Perhaps the greatest advantage to social media is being able to communicate directly with your audience.

Whether it is through comments or retweets or likes, social media gives you a chance to listen to your audience. Use social media to see what your fans are talking about. What’s trending out there that your audience just can’t get enough of?  Staying up to date with trending hashtags and google trends is a digital way to get an idea of what’s top of mind for your followers. 

By using all of these methods you’re sure to create a buzz for both you and your business. So be personal, be consistent, be strategic, be analytical, and listen, but above all these things, be true.











But what makes that post effective?

Putting out relevant content so that consumers identify with your brand, which allows you to share your business promotions, content and messages. Therefore being strategic and making effective decisions for each platform you use, so that it’s sending the same message but having different content so it’s not repetitive and it attracts people’s attention. If for example, you’re wanting to increase attendance at an event.

Use Instagram reels and TikTok for excitement and sustain engagements between events.  Then use Facebook and Twitter to put out information yet sticking to a colour scheme and theme, keeping it aesthetically pleasing. Always consider your audience, experiment with your ideas and dedicate time. Over time evaluate and adjust your overall strategy until you find what works for you. As what works for you may not work for others

Once you build a positive relationship with your audience it leads to people leaving reviews willingly and you are then able to interact with both current and potential clients. They will then start to like your posts, clicking your links and are up to date with everything you have going on. Now that’s what you need!

Overall social media is hard to keep up with as it’s ever-changing as well as an extremely busy and crowded market. A good option is partnering up with a digital marketing business that provides you with a marketing strategy like rich visions & women like me to turn your social media trends into marketing success for your company




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