Why TikTok is your best ally as a Small Business

As a small business, you will need to ensure that you are establishing yourself and your brand. Your resources are likely to be limited, so you benefit from more accessible, cheaper ways of promoting yourself, which means that even more than it would be crucial for bigger businesses. You will need to find avenues that will allow you to put yourself out there in an accessible and budget-friendly way.

Considering this, one of the best investments for a smaller business is social media. You are probably already aware of how important it is to have an Instagram page- in fact, 53% of small businesses in the UK see the app as a growing opportunity– however, many are still neglecting TikTok. The chances are that you are one of them, but did you know that this would be a grave mistake?

We were recently sold on TikTok by our amazing Kickstarters, who convinced us to get the brand out there, and they were right on the money about its usefulness! Boasting over 2 billion downloads worldwide– TikTok is the most relevant app in the cultural zeitgeist, and it’s sure to give your small business the boost it needs. Wondering how? Well, wonder no more! We have assorted a list of benefits explaining how the ‘clock’ app is set up to benefit small businesses and include some tips to get you ahead. By the end of this article, we hope to convince you to join the 2 billion who have already downloaded it.


TikTok For Small Business: A Blog Post By Women Like Me (WLM)

Why TikTok?

1. Reach

We have alluded to the massive reach that creating a TikTok account can give your business- but we’ve yet to discuss the full extent. Not only are you possibly reaching a wide net of people, but are you are reaching a wide net of active people. TikTok gets around 732 million active users monthly! You are thus more likely to be reaching users who engage with your content, which will more likely lead directly to more sales and increased awareness of your brand.

The average TikTok user spends about 52 minutes on the app a day. There is a good chance you’ll pop up on their feed, leading to an increased following; and possibly revenue. TikTok proves itself truly valuable as a tool for any small business to increase its recognition and expand.

2. Accurate targeting

There’s also the algorithm. Forbes describes it as “the easiest platform algorithm for users to train to feed them content they love” and “highly accurate at targeting and connecting micro-cultures which content users crave”. TikTok’s algorithm is unique in the form it operates. The FYP, or ‘For You Page’, works as a feed would in most social media networks – it provides users with content tailored to their interests, and TikTok makes it easy for your target audiences to see your product or service. The hashtags you use for posts play a significant role too.

It can also create micro-communities, also known as sections (e.g. ‘x TikTok’). Some more examples include ‘Alt-TikTok’ or ‘Trading TikTok’. Targeted content is easier to spread and found by building like-minded people with the same interest. This structure helps you by ensuring that you can push your specific product to the various communities that are likely to be interested and maximise the efficiency of your targeted content creation campaign.

Equally, this helps you acquire more guidance and direction in your content creation and strategy. Using in-app analytics, you can see which posts perform the best, giving you a chance to adapt it and start collecting the benefits.

3. The audience

There are indications that one of the main reasons businesses were reluctant to join TikTok was the audience’s age. The platform is incredibly popular with the 16-24 age range, which some consider too young to engage with businesses genuinely; however, don’t dismiss this audience just yet! A study conducted by The Influencer Marketing Factory concluded that 40% of Gen Z and Millennials are purchasing products from social media. A further survey found that 46% of the same demographic admitted to buying social media at least once a month.

Gen Z, the more predominant generation on TikTok, has increased social awareness levels and is more likely to be conscious about helping the community. Because of COVID, there is an eagerness to support smaller and local businesses since these tend to be more ethical and have fewer resources to bounce back after a slow year. Your chances of being noticed by the predominant audience on the social media app would increase.

Adding to the many benefits, targeting a younger audience might help you build loyalty from early on. If your customer base is satisfied with and attached to your brand, you could be on your way to creating a plan towards long-lasting brand loyalty and customer retention.

How To Use TikTok For Your Small Business: A Guide By Women Like Me (WLM)

How to do TikTok, right?

Now that you’ve read about TikTok’s advantages to your business, you might be wondering how you can use its features to maximise your potential. Here is a list we compiled of 3 tips that you may want to do just that.

1. Use #SmallBusinessTikTok

This one might not sound too unfamiliar; after all, social media networks use hashtags to connect people to their interests. With a whopping total of 27.1B views on the hashtag, there is massive potential for your products to be seen with the correct use of hashtags. Due to the algorithm, when someone expresses interest in a particular service or product, TikTok will show users videos related to that service/product. Whilst this sounds great in theory, newcomers and novices could be hindered depending on how competitive their market is.

2. Participate in challenges

This one is unique to TikTok, but learning how to participate and use these two features, can propel your business to the next level. The app’s known to generate insanely prevalent challenges that become viral and spread all across the internet. Many of them provide a light-hearted way for businesses to acquire new audiences and spread the word about their product and service. A good example is the “Don’t Rush Challenge”, in which you could show any transformation, be it beauty or business. We also have the “Why Don’t You Introduce Yourself” sound, which has a similar premise; your reach would instantly increase, and so would your brand recognition.

3. Keep it short and sweet

On TikTok, what counts is how long people watch your content, not how long your video is. A good way of ensuring that your content reaches more people and gets more engagement is by keeping it below the 1-minute mark. People are more likely to watch 30 seconds of a video than they are to watch the full minute, which means that the algorithm is more likely to push your content out.

You can even section the videos into several parts, adding a call to action such as: “like or follow for part 2”. By doing this, you take advantage of the algorithm above mentioned, and you also get more people engaging with your content, and waiting for more to be pushed out, which increases not only the reach but also the engagement with your brand. As a result, the algorithm pushes you even further, given that your content is not only short but also seems to be getting a lot of attention. The results? More viewers and followers and more engagement with your content.

Make Sales On TiKTok: Women Like Me (WLM)

TikTok on the clock: Time to get downloading!

We hope to have sold you on the many benefits of TikTok for small business and to have equipped you to start your page. Please follow the tips provided and keep in mind, that, even though it can be hard work to follow and create a marketing strategy for this social media platform, the benefits alone justify doing it!

If you still feel overwhelmed and are not sure about where to start, we are here to help! Simply go to https://www.womenlikeme.co.uk/social-media-solutions/ where we can help you craft a social media strategy that is sure to get you growing today!

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