Why you benefit from creating diverse business networks

October is Black History Month in the UK and we thought that would be no better way of marking the event than discussing the need to reach out to professionals of all backgrounds when building your network. Businesses are increasingly committed to fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces, and besides being morally right; there are also massive benefits to the business in itself. For example, we know that more inclusive workplaces lead to lower staff turnover and greater levels of productivity.


Daring to reach out to people can be in itself a daunting task, so it is no wonder that most of us struggle to even attempt to connect with people from all sorts of backgrounds, especially when the industry is reflective of social inequalities which makes the percentage of BAME in business, much smaller than they should be. But looking past that and ensuring your personal network of business contacts includes everyone, will serve you very well. Without further ado, here are the many benefits that can come from it:


Varied Perspectives

The way we experience the world gives us different views and perspectives on many things, including on how to best do business. People of diverse backgrounds will therefore have different perspectives from each other, which will give you wider access to strategies, solutions and ideas that you can use to make yourself or your business stand out. This way you will also be getting feedback and advice from different sources that you can compare, contrast and combine as you best see fit- a benefit more homogenous networks don’t getΒ 



Studies have shown that companies that are committed to D&I are more innovative. This is a result of the aforementioned wide range of perspectives and expertise. You would also be benefiting from this in your network. Your network has all different levels of experience, expertise, areas of work and perspectives and that will lead you to wider innovation, in which you will be able to use your access to large amounts, and greater quality of information, to build something unique and special.Β 


Become better at communicating with people

Being around people of different cultures, religions and creeds will expand your horizons and make you better at understanding, reaching out to and dealing with different people. Not only can your network help your communication by simply expanding your linguistic knowledge, but it will also help you understand other cultures and their norms. Knowing how to regulate your speech and message to different audiences not only optimises your communication skills but also helps you in your customer/consumer interactions and future expansion plans.


Improve your rationality and tolerance

Last but certainly not least, diverse relationships and networks can have a significant impact on your relationships. By, again, being exposed to different perspectives and having to deal with different cultures, you are more likely to learn how to be more tolerant and how to maintain a level head when dealing with ideas or criticisms that aren’t agreeable to your own views. This is a necessary skill to be good at doing business since people will disagree, customers will complain, and difficult situations will urge you to react impulsively. So, the ability to remain rational and tolerant are assets that will surely benefit you.

Are you ready to start diversifying your business network? How will you be celebrating Black History Month? Let us know in our social media networks where we also post updates on every new blog post!




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