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The WLM Mobile App

The Women Like Me (WLM) is not just your typical social media platform but a platform for businesses and entrepreneurs who need to exchange, sell, or promote their business, product, service, or offering to other users instantly.

Suppose you are in business and need to increase sales or revenue ASAP or looking for a particular service or product; in that case, this app will help you promote to other businesses and entrepreneurs within minutes with our Business Directory.

There’s also sections of the app dedicated to leisure and lifestyle, sports and wellbeing. We’re frequently refreshing the app with tips, tricks and news. It’s essential to add, on the WLM app, everything’s up for discussion!

Promote Yourself

Whether you’re looking to promote your business or yourself as a freelancer, the WLM business directory App is the answer for you! Get featured in a community of like-minded businesswomen.

The app will be free to download and use on Android and iOS devices and is accessible anywhere in the world. You can access the web version by clicking here.

We’re Giving You The Power To







On The App You Can

Create your profile by upload your business’ logo (or headshot), sector/industry, skills and expertise, contact information, and as many social media handles as they like.

You will also be able to live chat with professionals and start conversations on the platform instantly!

Be Informed Daily

The WLM App will Increase your business profile and revenue as you build relationships with other members on the App every day.

There will also be access to business resources and templates, including business plans and cash flow templates, plus much more!

Raise Awareness

Members can promote their products, services and offers instantly to thousands of businesses. One will also have the luxury to edit their profiles and promotions directly from their phones.

As an emerging community, we’re looking to shortlist reliable and trusted businesses for a wide array of industries and sectors. All members will have the ability to review the businesses they’ve used, provide testimonies for their experiences, and recommend services to their contacts.

Access Experts

Whether you’re looking for graphic designers, public speakers, business coaches; our app is an open platform for business experts and entrepreneurs from all sectors and industries giving you direct engagement and access!

The WLM Business App will allow you to explore approach and purchase services from Women (and men) just like YOU!

At WOMEN LIKE ME, we build and strengthen women, educating and empowering them in a wide variety of areas, including business and diversity.

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